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Life-changing Encounter with the God that Answers by Fire


Fully packed with timeless truths from the word of God and relevant experiences for your growth.It is enriching and edifying.

Daily Devotion

Read and meditate on the message for the day.

Memory Verse

Memorise the Memory Verse for the Day.

Prophetic Word

Claim the Prophetic Word.

Fire Scripture

Study the Fire Scripture for the day.Each Fire Scripture is from 1 to 12 verses maximum.

Motivational Quote

Apply the Motivational Quote.

Bible In One Year

Read the Bible in one year, New and Old Testaments.

Notification And Reminder

Daily notifications of the Memory Verse and Prophetic Word.

Hymns In Text And Audio

Begin with praise, worship and singing of hymns to the Almighty God.


Save your favourite devotion for easy reading later.

Bible Reference

Read all bible references in the app.

User Guide

A guide on how to use the app.

Daily Reminder To Read Devotional

Reminder to read the devotional daily.

About Author

Dr. D.K. Olukoya is the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries and the Battle Cry Christian Ministries.

The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries' Headquarters is the largest single Christian congregation in Africa with attendance of over 120,000 in single meetings.
MFM is a full gospel ministry devoted to the revival of Apostolic signs, Holy Ghost Fireworks miracles and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God to deliver to the uttermost. Absolute holiness within and without as spiritual insecticide and pre-requisite for heaven is openly taught.

Dr. Olukoya holds a First Class Honours degree in Micro-Biology from the University of Lagos and a PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Reading, United Kingdom. As a researcher, he has over seventy scientific publications to his credit.
Anointed by God, Dr. Olukoya is a prophet, evangelist, teacher and preacher of the Word.

Beloved, your Quiet Time should yield to you spiritual benefits such as destiny reformation, transformation and fulfillment, spiritual awakening, sensitivity, immunity and empowerment as well as your enthronement. I pray that the Lord will give you the grace to do all I have highlighted here. A new and awesome chapter will be opened for you. The year 2018 will be your best year ever, a sweet memorial full of new and glorious songs from the beginning to the end, in Jesus' name.


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